Jazz does not happen everyday

«Jazz does not happen everyday» – this story tells about the life and love of one of the brightest representatives of the last century.

Fitzgerald has left to humanity is not so much literary works, but they are all written in the language of the human heart with a difficult fate. Nature has endowed this genius writer of many talents, an incredibly rich literary talent, fine intuition, a great sense of style, special, rare, and the ability to convey the spirit of their own time to future generations.

But it is difficult to call an over-achiever. The illness of his beloved wife, her constant invisible presence, undermined the power of the writer. In the play you can feel it's presence. The hero is often drawn to the image of the woman peering at her face in the photos, touching her favorite ornaments, breathing in the smell of perfume left on her stuff.

Egor Beroev, actor Theater, and one of the leading actors in contemporary cinema - plays in the play the main character Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

Music presented pianist, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory and laureate of international competitions Basinia Shulman.

About the project

  • Premiere Date:27.07.2017
  • Role in the project:Performer


Басиния Шульман

Basinia Shulman

Laureate of international competitions, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, student of Eliso Virsaladze, is a prominent representative of the Russian piano school. Touring in Russia and abroad, Basinia performs in prestigious concert halls around the world. Along with the academic repertoire, the artist offers improvisational interpretations of classical works, collaborates with jazz musicians, and experiments with crossover projects.

For many years, Basinia Shulman has been the creator and producer of various musical drama productions and educational programs that are successfully staged at various concert venues.
Егор Бероев

Egor Beroev

Egor Beroev - famous Russian actor of theatre and cinema, TV presenter.

Since 2012 Egor Beroev and his wife Ksenia Alferova are the founders of the charitable Foundation «I am».