«Chopin. Georges Sand»

Musical performance  from the letters and diaries «Chopin. George Sand».

Yossi Tavor (narrator, reader)
Basinia Shulman (piano).

The Director - Roman Samgin.
Scenografy - Victor Shilkrot.

Basinia Shulman and Yossi Tavor offers a completely new concept of the concept of «concert». «Chopin. George Sand» is a theatrical performance based on the letters and diaries of the composer, in which everyone plays their part, lifting the veil on the mysteries behind this «affair of the century» and revealing the story of the relationship of the characters, the story of the appearance of a work in his way – music and story.

The famous writer George Sand – outrageous, unpredictable, powerful and talented and melancholic Chopin, a brilliant Polish pianist and composer. Their whirlwind romance, full of the vicissitudes of life together, their parting was «the talk of the town» in all the Paris salons of the mid-19th century.

She was his Muse, that was certain. He was the prototype of the hero of her novel is also a fact. The program will include excerpts from letters of the composer's letters to his friends, family and loved ones, will feature works such as the Ballade No. 1 g-moll, Scherzo, Waltzes, Preludes, Nocturnes, Mazurkas.

About the project

  • Role in the project:Performer/Producer


Басиния Шульман

Basinia Shulman

Is a bright example of the famous Russian piano school. Born in Moscow, she studied in the renowned Gnesin School and then in the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky (class of the outstanding pianist, professor Eliso Virsaladze), followed by postgraduate studies in the Brussels Conservatory under the direction of Eugeny Mogilevsky.
Basinia Shulman is a laureate of international competitions.
Йосси Тавор

Yossi Tavor

Journalist, presenter, art critic.