«Where Sulamif was wandering»

«Where Sulamif was wandering» – a theatrical-musical performance based on  the story by A. Kuprin «Sulamif». In the original dramatization of the intertwined life and fiction, fate and their own choices, past and present.

Music is very important in many works of Alexander Kuprin, forcing the heroes to come into contact with her, somehow appreciating her. The heroes of Kuprin stories love the music, turning to her in moments of emotional feelings and turmoil and therefore in many works of music serves as a special «actor».

Artists – Leonid Kanevsky and Basinia Shulman (piano)
Director – Sergey Zacharin

About the project

  • Role in the project:Performer/Producer


Басиния Шульман

Basinia Shulman

Laureate of international competitions, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, student of Eliso Virsaladze, is a prominent representative of the Russian piano school. Touring in Russia and abroad, Basinia performs in prestigious concert halls around the world. Along with the academic repertoire, the artist offers improvisational interpretations of classical works, collaborates with jazz musicians, and experiments with crossover projects.

For many years, Basinia Shulman has been the creator and producer of various musical drama productions and educational programs that are successfully staged at various concert venues.
Леонид Каневский

Leonid Kanevsky

Soviet and Israeli theatre and cinema Wiktionary, actor and television presenter.