Musical Khanuka

This year we will celebrate Hanukkah with a big concert "Let there be Light!", because Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday of light and miracle.

The history of the holiday: Once upon a time, in the II century BC, the Jews wanted to cleanse the temple desecrated by enemies in Jerusalem. But they found only one jug of "pure" oil for lamps, which would be enough for only one day. A miracle happened, and the lamp burned for 8 days. During this time, the believers managed to clean the temple and prepare new oil. In the traditions of the holiday, light one candle for eight days in a row, eat sweet donuts and enjoy the miracle of life.

The concert program will feature famous works by great composers with Jewish roots, as well as works dedicated to the Jewish theme.

Participants — soloists of the Mosconcert:

Basinia SHULMAN (piano)

Lena SEMENOVA (violin)

Ksenia DEZHNEVA (vocals)

Moscow Choral Theater of B. Pevsner, artistic director Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Elena GRECHNIKOVA

"Agafonnikov-Band", artistic director Vladimir AGAFONNIKOV


Igor FEDOROV (clarinet)

Symphony Orchestra of the Institute "Academy of them. Maimonides" by Vladimir PONKIN. Conductor Igor BERENDEEV

The concert is conducted by Mikhail DOVZHENKO

In the evening program:

M. Ravel "Kaddish"

Irina DUBKOVA (vocals), Elena GRECHNIKOVA (piano) — Moscow Choral Theater of B. Pevsner

Fragments from the concert "Songs of the heart":

M. Bronner "The Long Return",

E. Fertelmeister "Songs of the heart",

O. Khromushin "Sholom Aleichem" — suite for female vocal ensemble

Moscow Choral Theater of B. Pevsner

D. Gershwin lullaby "Summertime" from the opera "Porgy and Bess"

D. Gershwin "I Got Rhythm"

Ksenia DEZHNEVA (vocals) and Agafonnikov-Band"

Prokofiev "The Jewish Overture"

Basinia SHULMAN (piano), Igor FEDOROV (clarinet),

Symphony Orchestra of the Maimonides Academy Institute

D. Williams "Schindler's List"

Lena Semenova (violin), Symphony Orchestra of the Maimonides Academy Institute

D. Gershwin "Blue Rhapsody"

Basinia SHULMAN (piano), Symphony Orchestra of the Maimonides Academy Institute

  • DATE 27.12.2022
  • Country Russia
  • City Moscow
  • Place Mosconcert Hall


Date Event Name
27.12.2022, 19:00 Musical Khanuka
Russia, Moscow, Mosconcert Hall


Басиния Шульман

Basinia Shulman

Laureate of international competitions, graduate of the Moscow Conservatory, student of Eliso Virsaladze, is a prominent representative of the Russian piano school. Touring in Russia and abroad, Basinia performs in prestigious concert halls around the world. Along with the academic repertoire, the artist offers improvisational interpretations of classical works, collaborates with jazz musicians, and experiments with crossover projects.

For many years, Basinia Shulman has been the creator and producer of various musical drama productions and educational programs that are successfully staged at various concert venues.