Henri Barbusse «La Tendresse»

Music and drama in five letters on the basis of works by R. Schumann, J. Brahms, S. Frank

Sati Spivakova (drama)
Basinia Shulman (piano)
Director – Roman Viktyuk

This is a story about love. Beautiful and impossible, tragic. For one hero it is the first, for another is the last. Intimate recognition, excitement of beautiful love, the sadness of separation, the pain of loss, a stunning revelation - the spectators who will come to the show «La Tendresse» will have a great opportunity to feel and experience a variety of emotions in the musical masterpieces of the romantic era.

Roman Viktyuk - eminent theatre Director of modernity, people's artist of Russia, people's artist of Ukraine. Professor. Founder and artistic Director of the ;Theater of Roman Viktyuk.

Disputes about creativity Viktyuk do not cease to this day: some say it is the most scandalous and outrageous Director of modernity, others call aesthete and the tradition of the Alexander Tairov, and third - universal master, which is subject to any theatrical genres. Indeed, the work of the Director is very difficult to bring to a common denominator: «Royal hunt» 1977 year, «Maids» 1988 and 1991, «Slingshot» in 1993 and «the Master and Margarita» 2003, «the Masquerade of the Marquis De Sade» 2013 - all these shows are very different in form and signed their artistic message.

But no matter what history did not address Viktyuk at the center of any of his productions always man. Seeking, suffering and lonely. It is this attention directed to spiritual throwing hero and combines all the works of Roman Viktyuk. Each new production of the wizard is another thin, nervous, shrill and absolutely uncompromising study of the human soul and the performance of «Tenderness» is no exception.

  • DATE 20 - 2204.2018
  • Country Israel
  • City Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheva
  • Place Tel-Aviv Museum - Recanati Hall, Auditorium, Hall «Palace of Youth»


Date Event Name
20.04.2018, 19:00 Henri Barbusse «La Tendresse»
Israel, Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv Museum - Recanati Hall
21.04.2018, 19:00 Henri Barbusse «La Tendresse»
Israel, Haifa, Auditorium
22.04.2018, 20:00 Henri Barbusse «La Tendresse»
Israel, Beer-Sheva, Hall «Palace of Youth»


Басиния Шульман

Basinia Shulman

Is a bright example of the famous Russian piano school. Born in Moscow, she studied in the renowned Gnesin School and then in the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky (class of the outstanding pianist, professor Eliso Virsaladze), followed by postgraduate studies in the Brussels Conservatory under the direction of Eugeny Mogilevsky.
Basinia Shulman is a laureate of international competitions.
Сати Спивакова

Sati Spivakova

While still a student of GITIS, she has established itself as an extremely gifted artist. Acting on «Armenfilm» from her 17th, nineteen-year-old age, she played a major role in the film-Opera «Anush».

In 2000-ies Sati Spivakova became a successful TV presenter and author's own programs - «Sati» on the First channel, the «Camertone» on the  «Culture» channel. During last four years she has the musical-educational talk-show «Non-boring classical». This program won a prestige television award «Tefy».

Recently Satie returned to the cinema , starring in the films of Renata Litvinova  - «Rita's Last fairy tale», «Girl  with the box».